When should newborn photos be taken?

It is recommended to book your newborn session in advance, ideally during your second or third trimester of pregnancy. This ensures that the photographer will have availability during the optimal timeframe for a newborn photography session, which is within the first two weeks after the baby is born.  Sometimes we can accommodate you last minute if there is availability but to be sure it is good to book months in advance and secure the session.  we only take a limited number of newborn sessions per month and would hate to turn you away!

How do we set a date for the Newborn Photography session? 

So once the deposit is paid you are on the official calendar according to your due date.  I only take a limited number of sessions and collective memberships to ensure that once the baby arrives, you can contact me ASAP and we set your session date.  This is the process for newborn sessions because this accommodates for early or late birth and any hospital stay, if necessary. 

How long does a newborn photography session usually last?

Newborn photography sessions can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on the baby's mood.  I really let the baby guide the session.  If baby needs to eat, we stop and feed.  I typically start with family and sibling images and then do individual, unless mom is getting hair and makeup and then we start with baby first and go to family.   

Can parents and siblings be included in the Newborn photography session?

Absolutely! Parents and siblings are included in all Signature sessions to capture the bond between family members.  It's a great opportunity to get some beautiful family photography photos as well.  The Petite session is the only one that is baby only.  

What if my baby doesn't cooperate during the photography session?

This can sometimes happen, but the best thing to do is just RELAX!  This is where experience with Newborn Sessions comes into play.  Every baby is so different and I have literally photographed close to 1000 newborns.  We will get it done, so you don't have to worry.  Sometimes baby's might not like certain poses or wraps and that is ok.  I let the baby guide me to where they are most comfortable and secure.  

How long does it take to receive the photos?

Galleries are usually ready in 1-2 weeks.  We will schedule a meetup at the studio where I can help you  with selections , albums and  heirloom canvases.  

Why is newborn photography so expensive?

Newborn photography is expensive because it involves specialized equipment, extensive preparation, experience, expertise, and is in high demand. But you can bet the final product is a priceless memory captured in a very beautiful and artistic way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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