When should I book a Maternity photography session?

It is recommended to book your maternity session in advance, ideally during your second or third trimester of pregnancy. The best time to schedule a maternity session is between 28-34 weeks of pregnancy when the belly is big enough to show but not so big that it is uncomfortable to move around.  It is best to get on the schedule as soon as possible so you don't run out of time!

How do we set a date for the Maternity session? 

How long does a Maternity photography session usually last?

Maternity photography sessions typically last anywhere from 1-2 hours.  

Can parents and siblings be included in the Maternity session?

Absolutely! Parents and siblings are included in all Signature sessions to capture the bond between family members.  It's a great opportunity to get some beautiful family photos as well.   

Where do we do the Maternity photography sessions?  

This is up to you!  I can do indoor studio or outdoor sessions.  Our weather here in Florida is sometimes HOT and unpredictable.  An indoor studio Maternity session can take that out of the equation.  I have many backdrops, fabrics and dresses available.  If you want a more classic fine art look I recommend the studio.  If nature is your thing, lets do the session outside!  It's up to you!

How long does it take to receive the photos?

Galleries are usually ready in 1-2 weeks.  We will schedule a meetup at the studio where I can help you  with selections , albums and heirloom canvases.  

Once deposit is paid, we will get you a date on the calendar for your maternity session.  

What do I wear for the Maternity Photography session?  

I have a wardrobe with dresses and fabrics available.  I will also be happy to help you with styling for the family.  I typically recommend soft muted tones, with not a LOT of patterns.  I can send you ideas.  Also I can send you dress websites and if you see something you HAVE to have I can offer credit for a buy back if it is a style dress that would work in my wardrobe.   

Frequently Asked Questions

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