The maternity session is best to book as soon as possible!  We will normally shoot those sessions about 28-32 weeks along, depending on how the mom feels so it is best to get set up early.  If you are doing a Maternity and Newborn combo, as soon as the session fee is paid, we will schedule your maternity session date and you will be placed on the calendar according to your due date

The ideal time to book the newborn session is while you are still expecting!  We only take a limited number of sessions per month as to give our clients the individual attention that they deserve.  However, if you have had your baby and haven’t booked yet, feel free to still contact us.  There are some times that we are able to accommodate on short notice.  We also prefer to have the extra time to consult with our clients and have them fill out a newborn questionnaire so we are aware of exactly what they want.  This also gives us the extra time to plan and purchase additional items, if needed.


Once your session fee is paid, you will officially be on the Pure Bloom personal calendar according to your due date month!  We only take a limited number of due dates month, so it is important to book early.  Once you have the baby, you can notify us and we will get you scheduled quick!


Yes, it is true that the window usually given is 5-14 days old, however there are many factors that can alter this.  Generally speaking, we prefer to get them scheduled within this time period.  We will usually tell clients to put us on their notify list or email us so we can get them scheduled as soon as possible.  However, sometimes there may be factors preventing this.  For instance, maybe the baby is a little premature and has to stay in the hospital a little longer or maybe the mother is not feeling back to herself an can’t make it in for the session and we understand this.  Kerrie has done newborn sessions at 3 weeks, 8 weeks and even 4 months!  However, it is important to note that the earlier you schedule, the easier it is to get those sleepy newborn like poses.  After 2 weeks, we can’t guarantee them, but we will try our best and we will always provide you with gorgeous images!

Are parents and siblings included in the shots?

Absolutely!  I love when parents want to be a part of the session and I encourage you to have older siblings there as well.   We will normally do a combination of poses with mom/baby, dad/baby, family and sibling shots.  Depending on the age and cooperation of the older siblings, we always try to get the best shots we can.  Sometimes, if the sibling is very young, that can be difficult but we can always try to get them in or do a composite shot.  We have worked with hundreds of baby’s and siblings so we normally have a high rate of cooperation.

Family and sibling shots will normally be done at the beginning or sometimes the end of the session, so we will arrange for someone to either take the older siblings out or bring them in later so they don’t have to be there for the entire newborn portion of the session. Sometimes they can get a little bored with this portion and find it incredibly hard to be quiet for the baby!  🙂


I will send you a guide on how to prepare for your session a few days prior.  There are specific instructions outlined there that will make a difference in how smoothly your session goes.  In fact, following them or not following them can make or break your session.  With my deluxe newborn session, once you arrive at my studio, if baby is sleeping we will start with family poses first.  This typically takes 30 – 45 minutes. Once that is done we’ll move on to  a few different prop set ups (baskets, fur, etc.) that I have hand selected for you.  Once those shots are completed I will move onto beanbag poses which will include 2 – 3 different backdrop options. If baby is awake I’ll get baby undressed and loosely diapered.  Mama will feed baby and then I’ll wrap him/her in a swaddle wrap.  We’ll go through the flow mentioned above

My studio is kept very warm (around 80 degrees). This will help your baby feel comfortable during the session. I would suggest wearing layers so that you don’t get too warm or uncomfortable.

A large majority of the bean bag poses will be done with diaper off.  Your baby may pee, poop, spit up or do all three and I am very prepared for it!  No need to worry or apologize, it is something that happens routinely and everything is cleaned and sanitized after every session.

Also, I will be handling your baby the majority of the time.  I do not allow parents/grandparents to pose the baby as it presents a risk to your child and creates a liability risk for my business.  I may ask for spotting assistance from time to time, but this is really a time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.  I have snacks, drinks and a sitting area for parents to relax.  You are welcome to watch some of the session, however some clients like to be surprised!


The session itself is a huge time investment on my part.  Between corresponding with you, planning the session, travel to my studio, set up, the session itself, clean up and editing I have typically put in around 7 – 10 hours of work. My session fee compensates me for this time.  While I absolutely love what I do, It takes a lot of time to provide clients with this custom photography work, plan a custom session and give them my undivided attention.  This service provides you with a selection of amazing images to choose from and select for your products at your ordering session.

What should I wear for our Newborn session?

In this case the best advice I can give is, less is more.  Sticking with neutral colors (white, cream, grey, black, and beige) or soft colors (blush, baby blue, sage, etc) is always a good idea.  You don’t want your clothing to overshadow your cute little baby.  Try and avoid patterns if you can and think soft cozy materials.  Stay with soft tones for your older children as well.   Here are a few examples:


What should I wear for my Maternity session?

Similar to the Newborn sessions, we recommend soft colors, and not a lot of patterns.  Also, compared to what most people think it is flattering for the pregnant woman to be in more form fitting clothing rather than very baggy.  It is typically more flattering.  We typically do 2-3 different looks in one maternity session so we will recommend a more casual outfit, or regular outfit that will coordinate with your partner and/ or other kids.  The other portion of the session will be more artistic so dresses are recommended.  We have a large selection of maternity dresses to choose from that can be seen here.  We can also recommend a vendor that has amazing maternity gowns that you can order if you want something unique.

Professional hair and makeup is always recommended for these sessions and I can provide you with referrals for a hair/makeup artist if you need one.


Pure Bloom’s posed Newborn sessions are done in the studio.  We have a small area for the parents to relax and not worry about a thing while we take the images of your newborn.  I have a huge selection of props, backdrops etc available in studio and the options are endless.  I also am a studio light photographer with newborns so my lighting is too large to transport.

If you are interested in more of a lifestyle type newborn session, please contact us and we can chat!

My friend has a really nice camera and they said they would do my pictures for free. Why shouldn’t I just do that?

There are so many reasons you should avoid this scenario.  First and most importantly, the amount of training and education a photographer needs to safely handle your new baby and to create those beautiful images is immense.  Posing classes, safety classes, lighting classes, understanding what props to use and which to avoid, etc.  All of this goes into creating your images and into keeping your baby safe during the process.  Kerrie has trained and mentored for years with some of the top newborn photographers in the world and has in turn, trained others and successfully shot hundreds of newborn sessions herself.

Attempting to recreate something you have seen on Pinterest can often lead to disaster.  It’s simply not safe and can lead to irreversible damage to your baby.  Secondly, a beautiful picture is not produced by a nice camera any more than a beautiful painting is made with a nice paintbrush. You are investing in the artistry and the artist behind the lens.

I cannot tell you the number of times parents have said they had no idea how difficult newborn photography actually was until they saw me working.  In this industry, you truly do get what you pay for.   Investing in capturing these fleeting moments is something you won’t regret.  Missing the window and ending up with images you aren’t thrilled with is something you will most certainly regret.  Your baby will only be this tiny for a short period of time, why trust just anyone to capture this?


Where are maternity sessions done?

We offer a few different types of maternity sessions.  On location sessions are done at an agreed upon location.  We have lots of different areas that I shoot depending on the look that a client wants.  These sessions are done in the evening before sunset.  Weather is sometimes a factor so book these early just in case of a rain out!

We also offer studio maternity sessions, which is a more intimate maternity experience.  We can still use the dresses but you can also do lingerie or lacy fabric that is difficult to use in an outdoor setting.  These are sometimes better in the summer when it is very hot.  These sessions, unlike the outdoor sessions can be scheduled during the day and you don’t have to worry about the weather.


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