I have been wanting to do a blog about this for a long time! Every year, I try to go to at least one workshop to improve myself. Many people don’t understand
why. Since deciding a few years back that I wanted to specialize in Maternity and Newborn Photography, it has been a constant quest for knowledge. I am constantly reading books, forums, online training, etc. There is SO much that goes into this type of photography. It is not just knowing your camera and perfecting your photography skills. When I dove head first into it, I realized how much there was to learn! First there is the safety of the baby. That is most important. Then there is how to run the session, posing, soothing, lighting, getting it right in camera. Newborns are not just going to sit and pose for you. You have to know how to properly handle them and photograph them. I have always felt a tremendous responsibility to the parents that have chosen me to photograph their tiny newborn. These will be the baby’s first pictures. They will never be this tiny again and they will have these photographs to love and cherish always. I guess that is what makes me want to learn more and more. I want to give them the best. That being said, I feel that as good as you THINK you are…you can ALWAYS learn more. You may think that it is a lot to spend but if I pick up ONE thing that makes me better, it is always worth it!

I chose last year to go to The Newborn Experience Workshop with Melissa Wells (of Melissa Wells Photography) and Alli Peck (from Glo Portraits by Alli) hosted by Michelle Korte (of Michelle Korte Photography) I was drawn to this workshop for various reasons. One, I admired Alli’s Amazing maternity images. If you haven’t seen them…they are Incredible! I LOVE the simplistic, classic organic style of her work. Second, Melissa and her Incredible newborn posing and how her sessions are so beautiful. I have admired both of these ladies for a long time and drooled over all their images. Just to learn from them would be awesome! The other thing that drew me to the workshop was the use of studio lighting which I now use for Newborns. I wanted to learn more….
Meeting Michelle was also a bonus, she was so inviting, giving and shared so much with us. (Although I am Uber Jealous of her studio!!) She has worked hard to build up her business and she has done an amazing job. She shared so many hints and ideas with us! Love her too!
These are just iphone pics but take a look at her amazing studio that we spent 2 days learning, laughing and having a blast.

I want to just move my stuff right in…….LOOK at this stash of blankets!! The pic on the left is all my goodies I got. Swagbag city!!! It was like Christmas!! 2014-05-01_0008.jpg

Just a few more iphone shots behind the scenes. Melissa doing what she does best 🙂 and Alli showing our shy model how to WORK IT!!

Anyways, I am so happy to be able to share this with anyone. If you get the opportunity to go to this workshop DO IT!! It was amazing and I have learned so
much from them. After the workshop, the learning continues with a private on-line forum for attendees. I have learned so much from the group!
I wanted to show some before and afters for you. No, I didn’t pick all my bad images to show a difference! The photos I selected are actually all pictures I LOVED. But what you will notice are the “little” tiny things that improved my images. I learned so much that I can’t tell you (you have to go!! he he) but the things I can tell you are that I learned to sloooooow down, simplify my sessions, and perfect the ones that I do get. Little things in a photo make ALL the difference. The posing of the hands, the angle of the picture that is taken, the smooth blankets, etc. make all the difference. Here are a few examples and you will find all the links to the workshop at the bottom!







The Newborn Experience Workshop: https://www.facebook.com/TheNewbornExperience

Melissa Wells Photography: http://www.melissawellsphotography.com/

Glo Portraits by Alli: http://www.glowportraitsbyalli.com

Michelle Korte Photography: http://www.michellekortephotography.com/