So, let me tell you about this little sweetie named Jerzee!  By the time we got this session scheduled and after one rain delay…I finally got to meet this little 9 month old.  She also brought along her entourage:  her mom, dad, her sweet grandparents and a great Wardrobe!  Wouldn’t you know that after we got there and had this private little spot, two big trucks pull in across the field and looked like they were going to go driving around in a mudhole?  GREAT!….Jerzee was definitely keeping her eye on those trucks.  Thankfully, they left and her smiles started coming out.  I think she was more laughing at me and her family….dancing , singing and acting goofy.  We pulled out all the stops to get her giggling……she liked Twinkle twinkle little star, rock a bye baby and a spanish song that her Grandpa sang really well! We had a great time!  What a sweet family and you can definitely tell that they love her dearly.  Here are some of my favorite images from our session.

Here she is introducing her family:



She is STANDING!  What a big girl……  

 Yes……she wanted to eat the necklace! 

 LOOK AT THOSE EYES!! I was smiling when I was editing these…..just beautiful!! 


 Okay, so we were attempting to put her on the blanket and she kept crawling at me so fast I could barely snap a picture….I thought her expression was hilarious! 

Being a model is HARD work!!   

One of my Favorites!!  I just love the innocence in her eyes and her 3 little baby teeth showing, soooo adorable! 

 The Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up the water spout! lol 

 Jerzee and her beautiful Mama!

A sweet moment with Daddy!  So, as you can see….I had a LOT of favorites from this session!  Thank you Ramirez family for letting me capture these memories for you!